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Multi-Channel direct marketing firm specializing in lead generation and direct mail fundraising.
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Added Value

dms_hero_nodotsWith thousands of digital marketing impressions coming at us everyday, and recognizing that the average human mind can only retain a fraction of those impressions, it’s easy to see why digital open rates, click-throughs, and conversions rates are so low at hundreds and even thousands of one percent. 

A properly executed direct mail campaign by itself can see on average a 600% improved response over strictly digital campaigns, such as display ads and email blasts to non-customer lists, but an expertly integrated campaign that combines direct mail and our iMail platform can see response rates over 2,500% larger than digital alone.

Though heavily dependent on creative design, direct mail is much more of a science than an art form.  It begins with data analysis of existing customer lists, statistical modeling, prospective customer profiling, and lots of testing of mailing lists, timing, and various elements of creative packages to better ensure optimal results. 

Quantitative analysis is rapidly becoming a key component in big business and big data decision making, but the direct mail quants at DMS have been implementing these strategies for years. If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your marketing dollars, contact DMS today for a comprehensive analysis and consultation.   

Consulting Services

Postal Navigation

With decades of production experience, our technical experts are responsible for processing over one billion pieces of mail worldwide.  We have worked through every challenging scenario of the direct mail industry from SCF discounts and drop shipping to bound printed matter and periodical requirements.  DMS will navigate your mailers through the vast US Postal System from initial order through delivery.

Dropship Logistics

The closer your mail is delivered to its final destination the greater your postage discount.  If the postage discounts outweigh the cost of transportation, then it usually makes sense to drop ship via freight carrier.  However, factors like number of pieces, weight, and type of mail can greatly affect estimates. Contact the pros at DMS to help optimize your postage savings.  At DMS we look after your money as carefully as we would our own.

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