Direct Mail Systems | Mail Production
Multi-Channel direct marketing firm specializing in lead generation and direct mail fundraising.
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Mail Production

High-volume direct mail programs demand an experienced, well-equipped, precision supplier. Direct Mail Systems (DMS) employs experts in drop shipment and data processing for optimal postage savings plus a dedicated, technically proficient production department, and unique high-speed mailing equipment that will ensure maximum quality, product flexibility, and quick turnarounds. What differentiates DMS from its competitors is an emphasis on superior quality, cost efficiency, and strict adherence to client timetables and postal regulations, assuring timely delivery at maximum postal discounts. That’s the DMS Difference.

Our High-Capacity Equipment


Within our 50,000 square feet of workspace you will find industry-leading print and mailing machinery. Our equipment will bring quality, speed, and cost efficiency that suits your needs. Read below for an overview of our devices.
  • High-Speed Inkjets print mailing addresses and other personalized information to be printed at a rapid pace.
  • InkJets with Automated Card Affixing allow us create personalized cards on aqueous, UV, PVC,  and flex film.  We are a single-source provider of plastic card direct mail fulfillment.
  • FlowMaster Inserters package letters into envelopes (max. 10″x13″) at a rate that’s 50-100% faster than competing machinery.
  • Camera Matching Systems ensure that the correct personalized insertions make it to their matching envelopes. Our inserting process happens so quickly, that it’s difficult for the human eye to maintain consistent monitoring. These matching systems allow for speed with accuracy.
  • Tabbers apply stamps, stickers, post-it-notes, and tabs to the exterior of an envelope. With the ability to post three tabs for a secure closure, our machinery can keep up with changing postal regulations.
  • MBO Folders offer a greater variety for your folding needs. Ours can fold single pages (large or small), multi-page letters, gatefold, perf, and score.