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You may be starting a new business that’s ready to launch.  Or your established company needs an infusion of more traffic and more revenue.  Or your partners and board members are insisting on more bang for the bucks you’re spending on marketing.

DMS can help.  We do it every day, have been for 40+ years.  Here’s how…

We are at the table.

We’re not order takers producing cookie-cutter products.  We listen attentively to what you’re trying to achieve and who you’re trying to reach.  Then we advise what we can do to meet your expectations.  Sometimes it’s a single mailer.  Others require a more extensive campaign.  Always a plan is devised and professional advice is offered that’s unique to you and your business.

We are accountable to you.

Once we’ve helped develop your direct mail marketing strategy, we don’t walk away from the table.  You have at your disposal our decades of knowledge and experience with list research, customer profiling and targeting, postal rules and rates, lead generation and much, much more.  At the same time, we monitor your project daily in our state-of-the-art, in-house facility to ensure costs and quality are under control.

Nobody does “value added” like the best in the business… Direct Mail Systems, Inc.

Direct Mail SystemsWith thousands of digital marketing impressions coming at us everyday, and recognizing that the average human mind can only retain a fraction of those impressions, it’s easy to see why digital open rates, click-throughs, and conversions rates are so low at hundreds and even thousands of one percent.

A properly executed direct mail campaign by itself can see on average a 600% improved response over strictly digital campaigns, such as display ads and email blasts to non-customer lists, but an expertly integrated campaign that combines direct mail and our iMail platform can see response rates over 2,500% larger than digital alone.

Though heavily dependent on creative design, direct mail is much more of a science than an art form.  It begins with data analysis of existing customer lists, statistical modeling, prospective customer profiling, and lots of testing of mailing lists, timing, and various elements of creative packages to better ensure optimal results.

Quantitative analysis is rapidly becoming a key component in big business and big data decision making, but the direct mail quants at DMS have been implementing these strategies for years. If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from your marketing dollars, contact DMS today for a comprehensive analysis and consultation.

Consulting Services

Postal Navigation

With decades of production experience, our technical experts are responsible for processing over one billion pieces of mail worldwide.  We have worked through every challenging scenario of the direct mail industry from SCF discounts and drop shipping to bound printed matter and periodical requirements.  DMS will navigate your mailers through the vast US Postal System from initial order through delivery.

Dropship Logistics

The closer your mail is delivered to its final destination the greater your postage discount.  If the postage discounts outweigh the cost of transportation, then it usually makes sense to drop ship via freight carrier.  However, factors like number of pieces, weight, and type of mail can greatly affect estimates. Contact the pros at DMS to help optimize your postage savings.  At DMS we look after your money as carefully as we would our own.

Business Services Direct Mail ServicesHigh-volume direct mail programs demand an experienced, well-equipped, precision supplier. Direct Mail Systems (DMS) employs experts in drop shipment and data processing for optimal postage savings plus a dedicated, technically proficient production department, and unique high-speed mailing equipment that will ensure maximum quality, product flexibility, and quick turnarounds. What differentiates DMS from its competitors is an emphasis on superior quality, cost efficiency, and strict adherence to client timetables and postal regulations, assuring timely delivery at maximum postal discounts. That’s the DMS Difference.

Our High-Capacity Equipment

Within our 50,000 square feet of work space you will find industry-leading print and mailing machinery. Our equipment will bring quality, speed, and cost efficiency that suits your needs. Read below for an overview of our devices.

  • High-Speed Inkjets print mailing addresses and other personalized information to be printed at a rapid pace.
  • InkJets with Automated Card Affixing allow us create personalized cards on aqueous, UV, PVC, and flex film. We are a single-source provider of plastic card direct mail fulfillment.
  • FlowMaster Inserters package letters into envelopes (max. 10″x13″) at a rate that’s 50-100% faster than competing machinery.
  • Camera Matching Systems ensure that the correct personalized insertions make it to their matching envelopes. Our inserting process happens so quickly, that it’s difficult for the human eye to maintain consistent monitoring. These matching systems allow for speed with accuracy.
  • Tabbers apply stamps, stickers, post-it-notes, and tabs to the exterior of an envelope. With the ability to post three tabs for a secure closure, our machinery can keep up with changing postal regulations.
  • MBO Folders offer a greater variety for your folding needs. Ours can fold single pages (large or small), multi-page letters, gatefold, perf, and score.

Direct Mail Business ServicesDirect mail continues to be the best way to get your message/offer directly into the hands of your target market. It has proven its effectiveness as a consistent and predictable marketing tool which can dramatically increase results when modern best practices are expertly applied.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Less Competition in the Mailbox

With more and more individuals getting their bills via the internet, the average consumer receives just 25 to 40 pieces of postal mail in a week versus 250 emails. Because the mail box is no longer filled with bills, it makes your mail stand out even more. With an effective use of messaging and personalization, your ad will more likely be noticed.

Mailers Get Delivered

Today’s spam filters are increasingly sophisticated making it more difficult than ever for marketing emails (even solicited emails) to actually make it to your inbox. A recent survey by ExactTarget (global leader in software-on-demand technology) showed that direct mail was the only marketing method where consumers didn’t view an unsolicited message as inappropriate.

Mailers are Targeted, Tangible and Trustworthy

Direct mail is the only marketing method that allows you to physically place your message directly into the hands of your target audience. It engages their sense of touch and begins to develop familiarity and credibility with your brand, the building blocks of trust, which increases message relevance and helps yield a better return on investment.

Best Practices in Direct Mail Marketing

Power of Personalization

Intended to enhance the recipient’s inclination to read your mailer, personalization can range from simply addressing a piece to a specific consumer (instead of Dear Friend or Current Resident) to incorporating their name or identifiable interests into the artwork and design of the mailer.

Relevance – Similar to personalization, relevance customizes which product, service or special each recipient is offered based on information in your database, such as prior purchases or identifiable needs, resulting in a quicker call-to-action and a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Subconscious Suggestion

A strategic effort is made to subconsciously suggest through personalized colors, designs and images that your product/service will have a positive effect on the recipient’s life and well-being.

Variable Data Printing

New technology now allows us to vary the copy and artwork for each and every person on a mailing list. Using variable graphics (i.e., recipient’s name written on a license plate, in the clouds, or in sand on the beach), variable offers (based on interests or last purchase), variable testimonials (based on location or social status), and variable images (based on gender, presence of children, or other consumer data) allow us to customize each mailer to every unique client.

The value of a well-constructed and properly executed direct mail strategy is as powerful today as ever. The pros at DMS will help you create the right message and build a campaign that creatively places the right information in front of the right prospect at the right time. That’s the DMS Difference.

Direct Mail Services - Business Services

Meet iMail

iMail is a new technology that matches a customer’s IP address with their physical address. Location-specific advertising will then run on the webpages they’re browsing.

Direct Mail Services - iMailExample:

VirtualMovers is an ongoing campaign that targets new homeowners. Within hours of internet service activation, ads will run on their browser for a limited amount of time.

iMail-backed campaigns are 50 to 100 times more targeted than television, 6 to 60 times more effective than other online ads, and have a Click-Through Rate (CTR) that is 3.2 times industry averages.

Look at these Actual Case Study Results by Industry!

Home Furnishing
14% Increase ($30,000) in Sales over Standalone Marketing

Regional Banking
79% Higher Response Rate when combined with Direct Mail

Higher Education
35% More Likely to Apply than Traditional Recruitment

$200 Increase in Donations when combined with Direct Mail

180% Lift in Sales when Combined with Direct Mail

iMail will also provide a ROI analysis by cross-referencing the target list with sales records. All of this can be done without UTM codes, conversion pixels, retargeting, or call tracking.

Working with Pete and Direct Mail Systems is so easy. We give them the area we want to mail  to and voila! We are in homeowners’ mailboxes and getting business. Its that easy! Thank you, Pete and Direct Mail Systems, for solving our marketing needs allowing our business to succeed one mailbox at a time!

~ Chuck Nelms, West Shore Construction

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